The Gallery at Mandalay Bay

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Inside the Gallery

Discover the world of contemporary street art at Spencer Couture Art Gallery in Mandalay. The gallery features the captivating work of renowned artist Spencer Couture, who creates bold and colorful paintings using spray paint. The artworks on display are a reflection of today's culture, music, politics, fashion, and old icons. With a DJ curating the music, visitors can take pictures and immerse themselves in the dynamic atmosphere. Original artworks and limited edition prints are available for purchase, allowing collectors to take home a piece of Spencer Couture's unique artistic vision. Explore this urban oasis and experience the pulse of modern society.

Shoot your Shot

Spencer Couture Art Gallery boasts a unique and interactive feature that sets it apart from traditional galleries. Adorning the entrance of the gallery is a vibrant and creatively painted basketball hoop that say "Shoot Your Shot," beckoning guests to pick up a ball and take some shots while surrounded by Spencers art. This dynamic combination of art and sport creates a lively atmosphere, where visitors can appreciate the artwork on display while indulging in some playful shoot around activity.

The Artist Corner

The Artist Corner in Spencer Couture Art gallery is a designed to provide visitors with a space to unwind and immerse themselves in the art. This corner is adorned with an eclectic mix of inspiring graffiti quotes and thought-provoking paintings that evoke a sense of creativity and imagination.

The Hub

Spencer Couture's art gallery desk is adorned with a unique spray-painted design featuring floating astronauts and personalized graffiti tags that hold special significance to Spencer Couture. The desk is also equipped with a DJ setup, creating a vibrant ambiance where guests can groove to music while immersing themselves in the captivating artwork.