Patterned Flight - Giclée Print
Patterned Flight - Giclée Print
Patterned Flight - Giclée Print
Patterned Flight - Giclée Print
Patterned Flight - Giclée Print
Patterned Flight - Giclée Print
Patterned Flight - Giclée Print
Patterned Flight - Giclée Print

Patterned Flight - Giclée Print

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 "Patterned Flight" is a captivating masterpiece that pays homage to the iconic basketball legend, Michael Jordan,  soaring through the air for a spectacular dunk. This vibrant and skillfully crafted painting embodies the essence of Jordan's athleticism, grace, and the enduring inspiration he has provided to generations of fans and artists alike. In this artwork, Spencer Coutures  childhood admiration for Michael Jordan's dunks comes full circle as they have translated their passion into a professional masterpiece. The entire composition is meticulously created using an intricate array of colorful patterns, each stroke of spray paint blending harmoniously to form the dynamic image of the young Michael Jordan mid-dunk.

As your eyes traverse the canvas, you'll discover an intricate interplay of patterns, each representing a different facet of Jordan's remarkable career. The patterns evoke a sense of motion and energy, capturing the essence of his gravity-defying athleticism. The vibrant colors symbolize the passion, dedication, and charisma that have made Michael Jordan an enduring icon both on and off the basketball court. "Patterned Flight" is a celebration of artistry, athleticism, and nostalgia. It serves as a testament to the enduring influence of Michael Jordan on the artist's life and the countless individuals around the world who have been inspired by his greatness. This painting not only reflects the artist's technical prowess but also their deep connection to the subject matter, making it a truly remarkable tribute to a basketball legend.


GICLÉE Print is hand-signed by the artist, Spencer Couture, and is one of only 500 produced. Your edition information will be included on your print and you will be registered as the verified owner to guarantee authenticity.

Canvas Giclée - Comes with no frame.  Each canvas print is meticulously hand-stretched by Spencer Couture himself, ensuring unparalleled craftsmanship. We use museum-quality canvas and framing to deliver the highest standard of excellence. Ready to hang, these prints offer convenience without compromising on elegance. Not only is the front of the artwork a masterpiece, but the sides of the canvas are also individually painted by Spencer Couture, adding a unique and personal touch. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Spencer Couture Canvas Prints and transform your home, office, or gallery into a space of artistic wonder. 

Framed Giclée  Elevate your art with Custom Frames by Spencer Couture, meticulously handcrafted in the Italy and assembled in the USA. These wood frames, with acrylic covering, provide museum-quality elegance, protecting and enhancing your pieces. Available in a variety of colors, our frames aren't just accessories; they're upgrades that make your artwork truly stand out.

  • Hand Signed by Spencer Couture
  • Free Standard Shipping In USA

  • Individually numbered out of only 500
ECO-Friendly & High Resolution
  • Pigment based inks create vibrant reproductions
  • Industry-Recognized standard for Superior Art
Vibrant, Damage Resistant Art
  • Fade, Tear, Water, Scratch, and Warp Resistant
  • Printed on premium artist-grade UV High Gloss PVC Film
Handmade in the USA
  • Quality-assured with carefully sourced materials
  • Original work by Spencer Couture
  • Hand signed
  • Numbered by hand


Custom sizes are possible with an upgrade charge. Please email for custom sizes.

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